Birds of Kasavanahalli lake

Kasavanahalli lake in Bangalore has been a victim of a real-estate boom and resultant pollution. Last year, the lake was in the news for frothing. 
After citizens' activism, the lake was rejuvenated.
I was there last week for a birding trip. The rejuvenation has made the lake beautiful, but the birds are still reluctant to make this their habitat. You need tons of patience to spot the few birds that have returned and  started to slowly settle down. 
Here's a photo tour... 

Here's a panorama of the beautiful Kasavanahalli lake. Click or tap to navigate the 360° view...

Red-wattled lapwings were flying around screaming "pity-to-do-it..pity-to-do-it". Perhaps, they are conveying their disgust to the land sharks who almost devastated their habitat...

Ludwigia Grandiflora...

Darter or Snake bird...

Darter in flight...

White-throated Kingfisher...


It started raining heavily when I spotted an adult and juvenile Little Grebe. I think the juvenile insisted for a rainy day snack and the mother instantly plucked a fish out of the water...

"Here, take your grub kiddo"

Water lily...

Purple Swamp hen...

I noticed a Brahminy Kite flying around looking raptly at something in the water...

It turned quickly and darted into the water...

And...what a catch...

It flew with its trophy to a nearby tree...

I took some shots as he was busy relishing his meal...


  1. Your post is fabulous and filled with so many beautiful images that I don't know which one to talke about. Wow!

  2. So vivid, you capture even the thoughts of the subjects.

  3. Beautiful birds but the buildings are coming closer. Hope it become a protected area.

  4. Loved the post.Awesome photography.

  5. Fabous bird images and I loved seeing 360 degrees view of the lake.

  6. Brilliant to see such amazing birds back at the lake already. I hope a lot more settle back soon.

  7. Thank you so much for these amazing shots! They are all wonderful but I really enjoyed seeing the dragonfly and the swamp hen. Your photography is outstanding.

  8. Lovely shots 👌 Loved the 360degree view

  9. How wonderful people are worried about the health of the lake. Great panorama! And your! You are one of those photographers I will always want to aspire to be like! Incredible, really lovely shots!

  10. The kingfisher...amazing! Thanks for linking to Blue Monday!

  11. So many wonderful shots but my favourite is the Darter in Flight.

  12. Fabulous images. I particularly love the White-throated Kingfisher and the Brahminy Kite!

  13. Fantastic captures! The Purple hen is fabulous...

  14. Wow, absolutely stunning photos. I particularly like the 360 as it gives a real sense of what it is actually like there.

    Your photos have such clarity. They are wonderful.

    Thanks so much for sharing.

    Best wishes,

  15. The detail on your images is always spectacular. I love the image of the Darter. Quite a neck! Thanks for linking up today!

  16. Great collection of your photos! All of them are wonderful and 10th is my favorite.
    Have a good day.

  17. Wonderful photography! I think the kingfisher photo is my fav. Such an intense look!!

  18. OMG - just stunning ❤︎ I enjoyed also your panorama view - just great.

  19. Hello, awesome photos. I love the panoramic view of the lake. The birds are wonderful. I love the Kingfisher and the Kite, beautiful birds. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!

  20. I am dumbfounded. These photographs are breathtaking - it's as if the birds are alive right in front of me! Stunning, simply stunning.
    I enjoyed the 360° view immensely, as well.
    But, the photos - oh!, the photos! I couldn't even pick a favorite - each one has something vivid and memorable about it. I read the above comments, and someone stated you "capture the thoughts of the subjects." I couldn't agree more!
    I found your blog via Beverly's Pink Saturday Blog Hop - thank you for sharing - I'll be back often for more!

  21. Your photos really are exceptional! I loved looking at the Panoramic view and even showed my husband. We marveled at seeing things as if we were right there...a very long way from Florida! Thanks for sharing your amazing photos with us! Hugs, Diane

  22. Your photos are magnificent. I love birds and you have captured their beauty in great detail. The Blogger's Pit Stop will FEATURE this post next week. Be looking for your feature and we will be looking for more of your photos.
    Blogger's Pit Stop

  23. That close up series of the Kite is exceptional!!!
    Beautiful unique birds all of which I will never see in person!

    Thanks, as always, for sharing this post with us birders at I'd Rather B Birdin' this week!! Your participation is very much appreciated.

  24. Amazing action photos!! ...Michelle

  25. Your bird photos are incredible!

  26. You really do capture nature well! Loving your bird life photos. Great to see some life in the lake, fish must be a good sign :) #openslather

  27. Extraordinary photos! I adore that white-throated kingfisher.

  28. Very beautiful! I hope more birds return. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  29. These pictures are fabulous. I can definitely see that you have so much to love.

  30. Great to discover your blog, Shiju. I love photography too although I'm an amateur and always on the lookout for a good capture! This post is amazingly beautiful...fantastic shots!

  31. Great to discover your blog, Shiju. I love photography too although I'm an amateur and always on the lookout for a good capture! This post is amazingly beautiful...fantastic shots!

  32. Fantastic photography as usual and I have never seen a snake bird before, what a crazy looking thing



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